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Writings Appeared on the Wall

The worker, who was working the construction night shift, is telling the strange and frightening paranormal event he experienced in the basement. A true and real story.

Writings Appeared on the Wall

I was working in construction as a worker when I experienced this event, and I was on my night shift. I needed money for the school expenses of my daughter.

There weren’t many people since it was night. There was only the watcher, me, and a few more people in the construction. I was painting in the basement.

A strange and frightening thing happened while I was painting! I saw an Arabic text on the wall while I was painting. I couldn’t give any meaning at first.

I didn’t even think it could be a supernatural incident. Perhaps, someone who entered the construction area before wrote it and I was noticing it for the first time.

However, as I kept painting it, the text appeared again and again.

At one point I heard a voice behind me but there was no one when I turned. I thought, maybe it may be a kitten. However, I was shocked when I turned again.

A small girl was looking at me while crying. I was shocked and was not able to do anything. I fainted at that moment… I woke up at the hospital in the morning.

I told the event to the construction watcher. However, the watcher told me that there was no writing on the wall and probably, I dreamed about it.

I was pretty sure about what I saw. I never visited that construction again after that day.

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