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Recommended Horror Movie: In The Tall Grass

Why I recommend the horror movie In The Tall Grass, based on a Stephen King story:

The Witcher Kitapları Oyunu ve Dizisi Hakkında Her Şey

Everything you need to know about the Witcher books, games and series. In this article you can find the topics of Witcher themed books, games and series and all other details.

The Diablo Game Universe and Short Horror Movie Cinematics

Diablo Game Review – Game universe and story. All the information needed to understand the game scenario as a whole…

Recommended Horror Movie: Dead Center

Extended synopsis of the horror film The Dead Center written by the site editor. Highly recommended for horror movie lovers.

King Size Science Fiction Book: Transparent

Transparent is Stephen King’s first work of science fiction. In a fictional town called Haven, a woman writer named Roberta Anderson, who lives with her old dog Peter, wanders through the woods, trips on a ledge and falls…

Is La Llorona Worth Watching?

Detailed plot description and editor’s commentary for the horror movie La Llorona.

Horror Movie Our Evil

Long plot synopsis of the horror movie Our Evil. For those who don’t want to settle for official teasers.

Horror Movie Malevolent

Extended plot synopsis of the horror movie Malevolent. As you know, the official movie trailers usually do not contain enough information about the plot.

Operation Overlord

You can find detailed plot synopsis, movie information and viewing links for the horror, action movie Operation Overlord in this article.

Norse Mythology – Neil Gaiman

Reviews of Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology by leading authors and book reviewers.

Recommended Horror Movie: Hereditary