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Which One is The Djinn and Which One is My Baby?

Misses H.U. is told about the extraordinary and thrilling paranormal experience she had while she was alone at home and her spouse was working at night at work.

(The relevant explanations about the event are shared at the end of the article).

My daughter was only 3 years old when we experienced this event. My husband was working at night. I woke up to the sounds of crying of my daughter. I think it was around 3.00 AM… Her crying sounds were coming from the bathroom. However, I slept her in her creed. When I checked her creed, I couldn’t see her there. In a panic, I ran to the bathroom. My daughter was wet. I took her clothes off and wrapped her with towels.

When I left the bathroom and entered the room, suddenly the weight on my arms disappeared. I heard my daughter crying in the creed. I was frozen! The towels swept and fell to the ground, but my daughter was not in my arms! I stayed awake until the morning that night without sleeping. I turned on all the lights at home and waited. I was even scared to get closer to my daughter…

Comment of the Editor: Although we used a phrase about the djinns with the influence of the local culture, the things that Miss H.U. experienced also bring the Changeling in Irish mythology to mind too. According to Irish folklore, sometimes fairies obsessed with beauty try to swap their babies with human babies because fairy births are challenging, and they often end up with a disability.

Changelings have crumpled and yellow skin and they scream all day with their sharp voices. They feed with good luck, and they enjoy bringing disasters to the families that adopt them with good deeds. They start to get interested in instruments as they grow up and they can put everyone who hears them into a trance with their magical talents.

There is even a movie, which I can recommend you watch, for those who are interested in these events, and it is called “You Are Not My Mother”.

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