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War of the Witches

During the journey to Bulgaria, Evliya Çelebi, witnessed one of the most astonishing incidents in his life in the village of Pedsi where Circassians and Abkhasians live: A witch war that happens in the sky! The relentless struggle between Circassian witches and Abkhasian witches

Circassian Witches Against Abkhasian’s Witches

War of the Witches

Evliya Çelebi explained that he witnessed the war of the witches in the sky on the 20th night of 1076 Hijri Shawwal at Pedsi Village by the population of 300 of the Hatukay Circassian realm.

According to the writings of Çelebi, the unfathomable event took place in the following way:

Suddenly the thunderstorms began to rupture the sky like a doom in a dark night. The sky is bright enough for Circassian women to embroider. Evliya Çelebi, who sees the magnificent situation in the situation, asks the surrounding Circassians, “In truth, the night of Karakoncolos happens once a year.

The people of voracious Circassian people (witches) and the voracious people of Abkhasian fly over the sky and tenacity of war happens. ” Then it was advised to go out and enjoy the persistence of war without fearing.

Along with Çelebi and seventy – eighty people, they went out to be marveled at Circassian witches’ warfare with large trees, mats, car wheels, and more similar items with Abkhasian witches’ carcasses of horses, cattle, camels, snakes in their hands.

There was a lot of noise deafening the ears in this battle that lasted six hours. From the air, it was raining item pieces of mat, pole, cube, boat, door, car wheels, and finally horse, human and other animal limbs.

Seven Abkhasian voracious people were tackling with seven Circassian and after falling, Circassian witches sucked the blood of two Abkhasian witches and killed them and threw their corpses into the fire. After the war that ended with the roosting of the roosters, the vicious people were gone.

The Night of Karakoncolos

Evliya Çelebi stated that; these types of stories are very much “blasphemous” and that he and the other fellers were marveled by this event and also have never been terrorized like this before in a ‘’Karakoncolos Night’’ for 40-50 years.

Witches that Suck the Blood of People

Evliya Çelebi, according to statements, stated that in this realm of Karakancolos nights, there were witches appearing and sucking people’s blood.

According to people, in some nights, witches were sucking the blood of people they possess and making them sick. If the victim has no relative, the person falls ill and dies. If the victim has relatives, patient’s relatives and a “witchery’’ search the grave of the witch that got out of its grave.

When the grave is found, the witch’s corpse with bulged eyes for sucking the blood of the victim is identified. In this case, the witch is immediately removed from the grave and a long blackberry speckle is struck in its chest. 

The corpse of the witch is burned in the fire so another witch can’t possess this witch’s corpse. Thus, the witch’s sorcery is broken and the victim’s health recovers swiftly.

Witch Master

Again according to Evliya Çelebi’s statements there are witches in these realms that wander around people but aren’t known to them. But when the time comes and it rages, it sucks blood of someone’s ear from behind.

The guy gets sick gradually. Immediately relatives find a “witch master and wanders village by village, town by town and find the witch that sucked blood with bulged eyes and chain it. When the witch is chained for three days and three nights and it confesses its witching and witchcraft, it is immediately laid down and a blackberry spike is struck in its chest.

When the blood is spilled out and poured down on the victim’s face and eyes, the victim recovers immediately. The wife of the witch is also thrown into the fire and burned. This witchcraft is worse than plague and is quite common in Muscovy, Polish, Czech regions…


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