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The Mysterious Death of Aunt Fidan

A true horror story that took place in Palu District of Elazig City. The story of the mysterious and horrible death of Aunt Fidan, who is famous for talking with demons since her youth.

The Mysterious Death of Aunt Fidan

My father’s family used to live in the Palu District of Elazig City in the past. He had an aunt, whose name is Fidan. She has been able to talk with demons since her youth. Aunt Fidan was in her 70s when this story took place. However, my father was still young then.

Weird Actions of Aunt Fidan

My father was passing in front of the house of his aunt while going to the coffee house. Aunt Fidan was in the garden. When their eyes met, Aunt Fidan’s gaze was like the gaze of someone in trance. My father greeted him, but his aunt didn’t respond. He thought, “I wonder if something happened?” but he didn’t care a lot and kept going on his way.

In the evening, my father remembered his aunt and decided to visit her. When he arrived at the house of his aunt, Aunt Fidan was sick and lying on her bed. She was talking in her sleep. “Small djinn come here! The green djinn, do not climb up to the ceiling” etc. My father took her to the health center in the village in his car. They gave her an injection, and she regained consciousness.

Again, one day the village guards [1]Village Guard: The official security unit serving in the rural settlement areas in Turkey, which are mainly local workers saw Aunt Fidan running in a hurry and looking her back towards the fields in the dark. They yelled, “Aunt, stop!” but Aunt Fidan didn’t listen to them. When the guards followed her, Aunt Fidan had already disappeared.

In the morning, the guards told my father what happened the previous night. My father visited the house of his aunt. His aunt was at home. He asked, “What happened Aunt? Where did you go the previous night?” His aunt replied, “No, I didn’t go anywhere!”

The Mysterious Disappearance of Aunt Fidan

One night, Aunt Fidan disappeared. Her neighbors were alarmed and started to look for her. Everyone was looking for Aunt Fidan in different areas. In the end, my father’s uncle Mahmut found Aunt Fidan next to Lake Murat, which is about 400 meters away from the village.

Aunt Fidan was sitting in the dark on her own and looking at the waves in a trance-like state. However, her feet were bare. The interesting thing is she didn’t have any scratches on her feet. However, despite he was wearing shoes and socks, Uncle Mahmut’s feet were bruised and scarred due to the thorns and gravel on the path to the lake…

Aunt Fidan didn’t have any physical discomfort or sickness when they took her home that night. However, she was talking and screaming by herself. She didn’t have any mental or physical sickness before she started to act weird. No one could figure out how a healthy woman can turn into this state in just a year…

Did Djinns Kill Aunt Fidan?

The next morning, Aunt Fidan was found strangled to death in her barn. As much as I learned from what my father told, according to the villagers, demons tortured and killed Aunt Fidan.

Despite years passed, some villagers claim that they see Aunt Fidan walking in a hurry…

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1 Village Guard: The official security unit serving in the rural settlement areas in Turkey, which are mainly local workers

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