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The Forbidden Book that was Written by Demons

The forbidden book that was written by demons and there are only two copies: Kitabü’l Azazil! (The Book of Azazel)

The Forbidden Book that was Written by Demons

Kitabü’l Azazil (The Book of Azazel) is the book about demons that contain detailed information about them and five hundred paged. It was believed that the secrets about those entities were in that book.

The book was written by İbn-i Cuhaşe A.C. 500. Some say that it’s written A.C 800. Some also say that İbn-i Cuhaşe is a demon himself. Nobody knows who is İbn-i Cuhaşe or where he comes from and to where he goes…

Because of the fact that the book contained so many detailed information and pictures of genies caused for people to believe that the writer is a demon himself.

Confidential Scary Information about Demons

The details aren’t known well but this book scared some people. After the book was published, some confidential information were taken out from the book and published again in that format. Also, it was said that the book was written in the territory of the Caliphate of Cordoba and was conserved in the state library.

If we accept the fact that the book is written A.C 800, the probability that the book is written in the era of the Caliphate of Cordoba increases. As to rumors, the importance of science for the Caliphate of Cordoba made them conserve the book in the state library.

Because of the rumors that say the book turns people into madness and the writer is a genie himself, the book was banned and there were only two copies left. It’s rumored that one of those copies disappeared and the other one is conserved in a museum.

The conserved copy is believed that it’s in Cordoba Museum or the British Museum.


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