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Reunion Spell

This is the story of a young man called Ibrahim, his reunion spell deals with a magian woman and djinn to convince the family of the girl he is in love with and its terrible consequences.

Reunion Spell

Ibrahim Cengiz’s Hopeless Love

Kutahya, 1988 – Ibrahim Cengiz, who was living in one of the villages in Kutahya, used to make his living from farming and the milk of his two sheep. He used to live alone after he lost his parents in 1966.

He was not liked much since he was one of the poor people in the village. His adobe house was about to ruin due to neglect. He used to love a woman named Ayse, who was living in the next village. He used to grass down his sheep in the meadow of that village.

His main purpose was to see Ayse, who was working in the field. Ayse used to love Ibrahim too. However, the parents of the girl did not want her to marry someone poor.

Eventually, Ibrahim visited the house of the girl together with the elders of his village to ask the permission of her parents to marry but they didn’t even let him in. Ibrahim, who didn’t give up, visited them 7-8 times more but he was not welcomed in any of them.

Reunion Spell

Ibrahim, who was very resentful of this event, decided to go out of the city and find a magian. He was not around for a week, and he eventually found the magian he was looking for.

However, since he couldn’t afford the cost, he sold his sheep and provided the money required for the reunion spell.

The magian told Ibrahim what to do. She told everything one by one to make a deal with the djinns.

He bought a chicken with his remaining money and went to the woods. He slaughtered the chicken, drew a circle with its blood, and scattered onion skins [1]According to Islamic belief, leftovers of food, dung, and bones are the food of the djinn. According to a Turkish belief, onion skins are the currency of the djinns. around the circle. He said the prayers provided by the magian. Later, he placed the charm, given by the magian, into the circle.

After a couple of months, Ayse’s parents sent a message to him, “Let him come and ask for our permission for the marriage.” He gathered the elders of the village and visited the house. Ayse’s parents allowed the marriage.

Moreover, they wanted Ibrahim to stay with them. The wedding was held with great joy. Everything seemed great…

Don’t Leave the Kid Alone

However, time passed, and everything changed when Ayse became pregnant. Ayse was crying every night and harming herself.

Even Ibrahim was finding sleepwalker Ayse in the streets most nights. They took Ayse, who even tried to commit suicide, to the doctor but nothing worked.

The doctor said, “She has no problems”. After a while, Ayse started to go into labor. They called a midwife from the village since Ayse was about to give birth.

Ayse passed away during the birth, but she gave birth to a healthy child. Ibrahim was devastated by this. He started to not go out of the home.

When the kid was eight years old, he started to act weird. He was looking at the wall and talking, laughing for no reason

Ibrahim worried about these events and took the kid to the hodja. The hodja took the boy out and asked Ibrahim, “Did you commit a great sin recently?”

Ibrahim replied “No”. Upon this reply, the hodja told, “Don’t leave the kid alone.” A long time passed after this incident

He Suffered the Shock of His Life

One day, Ibrahim had to go to the field to care for the garden work. He left the kid with his mother-in-law and left the house. Ibrahim, who returned home tired from the field at night, couldn’t find the kid at home.

The entire village searched for him, but no one could find the kid. Ibrahim was devastated again. He visited the magian, who cast the spell before morning but he couldn’t find the magian or anyone else.

Later, he visited the hodja and told him everything. The hodja suffered the shock of his life upon what he heard. The spell of the magian was a trap. Ibrahim, who couldn’t help himself, lost both his wife and child.

A week later, his mother-in-law was found dead, and she committed suicide. No one knows where Ibrahim went or whether he is still alive or not.

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1 According to Islamic belief, leftovers of food, dung, and bones are the food of the djinn. According to a Turkish belief, onion skins are the currency of the djinns.

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