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Mysterious Black Men at the Water Tank

My name is Vasfiye (female). We went to the village, where our relatives live, for a holiday in the summer of 1992. We used to sit in front of the door at night and tell horror stories to each other… One night, we made a bet after telling another horror story.

Mysterious Black Men at the Water Tank

Real Experience, Scary Story – There was a water tank at the top of the hill, which was close to our house. It was an uncanny, frightening, and desolate structure. My friends insisted I go there to prove my courage.

We Saw a Weird Glow Inside

I told them I would go only if someone would come with me. My nephew Ilhan (male) decided to accompany me. We started to climb the hill together. We were telling jokes while walking. I was telling him, “Imagine a djinn is haunting you(?) and the shape of your face changes.”

He was trying to scare me by saying, “Sister, imagine someone is pulling you from underground right now.” We didn’t even notice we arrived at the water tank while telling jokes. Suddenly, we stopped in front of it. We noticed a glow inside. It sounded like moaning. We were very surprised.

First, we thought the shepherds from another village were staying there but we couldn’t see inside since the water tank has no windows. The door was slightly ajar, but it was not open enough the see what was inside.

My nephew didn’t want to go down, but I was dying to learn what was going inside. I was also afraid. First, I took a large rock from the ground and threw it at the door to see whether someone was inside or not. The door wide opened. Once the door opened, we noticed a staircase going down.

He Started to Cry with Fear

My nephew Ilhan said that he does not want to go down. After I insisted on him, he complained and then started to cry with fear. In the end, he listened to me, and we took a few steps inside. When I looked from the staircase, I saw that the light is much denser there.

Meanwhile, I don’t know what happened to me, but my feet started to go down the staircase on their own. My nephew, who had no choice but to follow me, started to come behind me. My steps were getting faster but I cannot give any meaning. I came to my senses right after a few steps left to the ground.

A small entrance appeared in front of me. The crying sound of my nephew turned into a quiet groaning now. I heard some people talking about us. A deep voice was saying, “Someone is coming.” A voice thinner than before replied, “I heard too.”

When I heard footsteps directed toward us, I started to run away upwards naturally. My nephew must be in shock since he stood still and started to cry loudly. I yelled at him to come next to me. He looked in front of him, instead of rotating his head to me.

I was yelling at him in panic, “Hurry up!” However, he started to go down the stairs. I was so scared that I didn’t know what to do. I started to hear the conversation sounds louder. It was like they were talking with my nephew.

It was like things that I cannot see but heard footsteps start to climb the stairs towards me. I stood still as if I was paralyzed. Something held me by my arm and dragged me through the rest of the stairs.

It pushed me down the slope. When I got up and looked at the door of the water tank, two men in black and my nephew, who was in between them, were looking at me. I begged my nephew to come next to me, but he smiled and looked at the men. Suddenly, my foot slipped, and I started to roll down the slope again.

When I opened my eyes, I saw a few people around me. Since I couldn’t come to myself yet, I remember I thought those people were the men I saw in the water tank. However, I understood that I was safe when I heard the voice of my uncle. When I asked about Ilhan, they told me that he is sleeping.

They found both of us fainted at the bottom of the slope.

We Called Hodja to Home

I ran to my nephew’s room. My uncle followed me. I asked my nephew about what happened at the water tank. I asked why he acted like that, why he went with those men, what he did with them and how they found us fainted at the bottom of the slope together…

However, my nephew was looking at me as if nothing I told happened. Once my uncle left the room and we were alone with my nephew, I kindly requested him to tell me the truth since he might be afraid to say anything in front of our relatives.

My nephew smiled and said, “They are calling you too.” He was filled with hatred… That look I have seen on my nephew’s face made me shudder. I didn’t insist more.

In the following days, my nephew continued his life as if nothing happened in the water tank, or he did not know anything, or I was lying to him.

One day, my nephew attacked me for no reason. He was really weird and full of hatred. After our family saw him, they locked him in a room and called the hodja of the village immediately.

The hodja said prayers and blew on our faces. My nephew slept for a week and when he woke up, he didn’t remember anything.

I haven’t visited our village for years…

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