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My Mystical Time Travel Experience

Selami S. is telling the story of his strange time travel experience and the surprising facts he learned there.

My Time Travel Story

Paranormal Activity – One day, in my dream, my mother told me, “You are a bad boy. I will send you too past.” While I was telling her, “No, you can’t”, the house started to vibrate. It was like an earthquake. It was like they were shaking the camera in movies…

Anyways, after the vibration, I opened my eyes and I’m at home. However, the furniture is totally different… The couches are different… There are different paintings on the walls… Cross-stitch embroidery everywhere…

I got out and saw my mother. My mother was in her 20s and she was discussing with a woman of her age. She slapped the girl and the girl left.

Then I walked towards her in the garden. Someone young passed by with a vintage red motorcycle. He was my father.

The house of my grandparents was next to our home. I wanted to visit them. My grandparents were talking about something important when I arrived there. I used to remember what they were talking about before, but I forgot it now.

I Tried to Record What I Experience on Video

I took my phone out and thought, “Let me record these because no one will believe me when I tell them.” I started to record everything I see.

Then I saw one of my friends on the side of the road. I said, “Why are you here? My mother sent me to the past, why are you here?”

My friend replied, “My relative was martyred. He sometimes goes back in time to re-experience the old days he misses. Sometimes he takes me too but does not tell anyone.” [1]According to Islam, unlike regular people, martyrs will continue to live until Judgment Day in a different and free form between the two worlds.

I have an uncle which I really love a lot. I used to wonder about his youth all the time. I said to myself, “Let me run to his home and see his youth.” While I was running to the home of my uncle, I woke up.

The first thing I did was check my phone when I woke up. Was I really able to record everything on a video? I checked the gallery twice to see if the video exists.

When I got out of bed, I went directly to my mother. I told her, “Mom, I’m going to ask you something. Do you remember that you had a discussion with a girl in front of our house in your youth?”

She replied, “Where did it come from?” I said, “I just asked. Have you ever slapped someone?”

She said, “Yes. Your Ayse aunt used to buy milk from us when your father and I were newly married. She used to pay at the end of the month. I used to write the amount of milk she purchased.

One day, she told me, ‘You wrote wrong. You are a cheater!’

I was angry and slapped her.”

I went to my father and asked him, “Dad, have you ever had a motorcycle in your youth?” My father told me, “Did you see it in the albums? Yes, I used to have a red motorcycle. We gave it to your uncle later on…”

The relative of my friend, which I saw in my dream, was really martyred a while ago. I learned about it later by researching it…

I experienced many similar events too. Sometimes, they affected me for months… It may be hard to believe but all these things I have told you and experienced are real.



1 According to Islam, unlike regular people, martyrs will continue to live until Judgment Day in a different and free form between the two worlds.

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