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Little Men

The mysterious death story of my mother’s childhood friend, who was interested in supernatural events and djinns.

My mum had a friend she loved when she was in her twenties. Her name was Vildan. But Vildan doesn’t like to travel and have fun like her other friends. She was quiet and kept to himself. She was more interested in djinnsfairies and supernatural events.

Little Men

No matter how much she was warned by his friends, she couldn’t give up on his curiosity. According to her friends, one day she was more busy with the jinns than ever. She kept saying the names of the djinns. She was in bed at night, as usual. 

She was waiting to sleep, and suddenly she started screaming. Her parents tried to open her room door, but they couldn’t. Her father ran and took the fire extinguisher from downstairs.

He hit the door window hard with the fire extinguisher. But the fire extinguisher came back like a rubber ball and hit the wall.

They can’t get in. They heard Vildan’s shouting: “Leave me alone! I’m not going anywhere with you!” 

“What’s wrong with my daughter? Who’s doing you harm? Who are you talking to?” they asked.

“Help me, little men are coming under my door. They want me to go with them. I don’t want to go. Save me!” she screamed. And those were her last words.

The girl’s body was found in the backyard after the voices stopped. That night, she threw himself out her room window at the top of the summer house…

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