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Last Fling in Haunted House

This is the story of haunting a group of young girls and boys, who wanted to have some fun by renting a house before joining the military. It is a true story.

We Rented a House for Last Fling

Last Fling in Haunted House

Real Experience, Scary Story – My name is Ada. The story I’m going to tell happened to me in 2010 in Izmir. The day before the incident, we rented a shanty-style house to have some fun.

We especially rented a house that is in a secluded area and away from other residences since we have invited men and women to our party.

I will not provide too many details about the content of the party… We purchased bottles of alcohol and after we picked up the girls, we headed home as eight people.

The shanty-style home had four bedrooms. We rented such a house so that each couple was going to stay in one room.

Weird Things Started to Happen at Home

There was a great pentagram drawn on the wall of the room I stayed in. There were Arabic or Hebrew inscriptions on each end. However, I did not care about it at all. Any punk with a spray could make it.

I did not even think that this could be about something supernatural at that time. I mean, you know, pentagram shapes drawn on the walls are just cliches.

Anyways… We started to drink alcohol with my girl. After 5-10 minutes, we heard a scream coming from the next room.

We went directly to that room. One of the girls found a piece of paper on the floor and therefore she was screaming. I took the paper from her to take a closer look.

There were Arabic or Hebrew words like what I saw on the wall. I said, “F* it! It’s not important. Let’s keep having fun.”

Crying on the Ground with Fear

We kept having fun. After midnight, everyone lost themselves.

Then a door slammed really hard. I took my gun, which I always keep with me, and went to the door to check what is happening.

However, there was no one around. Meanwhile, the girl in my room began to scream. I ran back to the room.

She was crying on the floor. I helped her to stand up and asked what happened. She said, “Can’t you see? It is looking at us in the corner right now!”. When I looked at the corner she pointed to, I couldn’t see anyone.

This is why I thought, “I think she is mocking me” and kept the conversation short. We were all drunk. She could also be dreaming under the influence of the substances she consumed.

Soon after shouts began to be heard from other rooms. Then the electricity went out.

We Were Sure About Something Supernatural Was Happening

Girls were putting on their clothes in panic. At that moment, I looked at the pentagram on the wall, it was bleeding like blood. I thought, “Am I drunk?” but my girl also told me that she is seeing the same thing.

Only seconds after, the entire house started to shake violently. First, we thought it was an earthquake. We all head to the door in a hurry to get out.

However, the door was not opening. It could have been stuck due to the shaking. We tried to open it numerous times, but the door was not moving a millimeter despite our efforts.

The shaking stopped. However, we decided to jump out of the window since we cannot move the door at all. After all, the house was a single storey building. We just headed to the closest window, all the windows in the house started to open and close at the same time violently.

It was pretty clear that what was happening was not about the earthquake or just because we were drunk. We all could not have the same dream at the same time. We were clearly experiencing something supernatural and none of us had any remarkable knowledge about it.

We were not able to open the door or get closer to the windows. We were trapped by supernatural forces, which we cannot understand, in this haunted house. It seemed like there was nothing we could do the run away from it.

I Started to Cry with Fear and Panic

None of us had any idea what would happen to us in the next moment. In other words, we were full of true fear and uncertainty. In the end, I couldn’t resist and started to cry just like all my other friends.

Nothing unusual happened unless we got closer to the door and windows. Therefore, we all gathered in the middle of a room completely helpless, exhausted, and not knowing what to do, and waited until 04.30 AM…

In the morning, everything was back to normal. The door opened. We all ran out of that haunted house without even looking back.

Turns Out the House Was Hexed

A while after this terrible event, my curiosity beat me, and I went to the neighborhood of that house. I asked about the history of that house to someone living in that neighborhood.

He said, “Brother, are you mad!? A man living in this house committed suicide after killing his wife and daughter. This house is hexed! Who rented this house to you?”

After this conversation, I called the man who rented that house to us. However, no one replied. The operator was constantly telling, “The number you have dialed is not used”…

Today, my friend who will join the military is mentally unstable. I don’t know what others are doing since they do not talk with me anymore…

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