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Haunting in The Army

It was my eighth month in the army. A new boy came. He was a cheerful, funny man. One night; it was his turn to guard. He would be on guard with a senior friend.

They were going to guard at the back of our military union. The back of our military union; was a deserted, wooded place…

Haunting in The Army

I Saw The Demons Doing Weddings

When he was on duty, his senior friend left him alone and went to sleep. We heard gunshots in the background from less than an hour. Our new boy was shooting at the forest! 

We went near him; with haste. We got the gun from the new boy’s hand. With panic and anger we asked him: “What are you doing ?!”He answered, “I saw; the demons doing weddings. I shot them. They will kill me!”

We took the new boy back to our military base. We put him in his bed to calm down. But when we leave his hand; he was squeezing his own throat, crying and whining…

We thought that; he was doing all these things to get rid of duty. One time; he fell from his bed while he was struggle. We put him back on his bed. Then he calmed down and closed his eyes.

Possessed by Demon

suspected that; his soul might have been possessed by a demon. Because he had told us that; he has just witnessed a demon wedding.

Upon this; I decided to read the Quran‘s “Nas” verse aloud. (Nas and Felak: The verses of the Quran that Muslims read for exorcism) At that moment; I was at the far end of the room. The new kid seemed to sleeping calmly in his bed.

While I will begin to read the “Nas” verse, the new boy began to mutter!  While I was about to start reading the verse, the new boy suddenly turned to me and started screaming.

He was saying that to me constantly: “Shut up! Enough!” But I did not care what he said. I did not listen to him. I kept reading the verses until morning.

Finally; he barely recovered himself. After this incident, he was sent for a leave. I never saw him afterwards. I hope he’s recovered… 

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