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Dreams About Sneaks That Gives İnformation About Your Enemies

Dreaming a snake or snaks while asleep, gives us information about our opponents and enemies. According to the science of spiritual dream interpretation, our dreams give us information about the future. In that manner, what awaits people who dream snakes in their dreams in the near future?

The Interpretation of Dreaming of a Snake

Snake dreams, according to the consensus of almost all spiritual dream interpretation scholars; give us information and intelligence about our opponents and enemies. Dreaming a snake while asleep is often a spiritual warning that you have a hidden enemy. A larger snake indicates a strong enemy, and a smaller one indicates a weak enemy.

For example, the person who dreams of many snakes surrounding him means that he will experience hostility from his relatives in real life. The person who dreams of snakes stinging him will suffer malice from his relatives in the future. The message of such dreams, according to the science of spiritual dream interpretation, changes with the characteristics of the snake that has been dreamed, according to the action it performs and where it is located.

Interpretation According to Qualifications

Dreams About Sneaks That Gives İnformation About Your Enemies
Dreams About Sneaks That Gives İnformation About Your Enemies

Black Colored Snake

According to Molla Cami, one of the famous scholars of spiritual dream interpretation; The black snake dreamed in a dream is the most powerful and dangerous enemy in terms of deception and damage. In contrast, a white snake means a weaker and powerless enemy. Interpreter Kirmani said: Whoever dreams a black snake with small snakes nearby it; his property, reputation, and helpers will increase.

Green Colored Snake

It is a symbol of enmity in terms of religion, thought, or belief.

Yellow Colored Snake

It means an illness or a weak enemy. His relatives and supporters herald a strong and powerful enemy.

Snake with Wings

Dreaming a winged snake is good news. The person who dreams about managing the winged snake as he wants in his dream will have wealth in the future. This person is full of luck.

Snake with Feet

It is the indicator of a strong enemy.

Large and Long

Dreaming of a large and long snake indicates a fear that you will experience in the future. This dream sometimes points to enmity from a spouse, child, or relative. The interpreter Molla Cami also stated that this dream sometimes can point to a naughty, terrible, and evil neighbor.

Metal Snake

Dreaming about a snake made of gold, silver or other metals indicates a great benefit to you soon.

Snake with Horns

Clawed, nailed, and horned snake; It is the expression of a very fierce, jealous, and powerful enemy.

Flying Snake

Dreaming of a flying snake heralds the joy and happiness you will experience soon. This dream also means that rivals or enemies will go to another place and move away from the person who has the dream.

Interpretation According to Actual Act

The actions of the snake performed in the dream influence the meaning of the interpretation as well as its qualities. Scholars of interpreters have classified and interpreted many of them. The main ones are described below.

Snake Bite

The person who dreams of himself being bitten by a snake; means that in the future he will have a problem caused by an opponent or an enemy. Interpretation of dreaming of a person who is poisoned by a snake and sees his body swelling; will suffer malice soon.

Interpretation of dreaming a person with poison infusing his body and separating his flesh and bones from each other; will be defeated in his struggle with his opponent or enemy. Additionally, his family and children will be dispersed to various cities.

According to Nablusi, one of the scholars of Spiritual Dream interpretation; a person who dreams of a snake swallowing his genitals; will hear some bad words from his spouse, or he will be dominated and oppressed by his wife in some way. Another interpretation of this dream is that the dreamer will be cheated on by his wife.

Talking to the Snake

If you have dreamed that you are talking to this animal in your dream, it means that you will make peace with your enemy or opponent in the future, or it indicates a benefit that will happen to you from them.

Eating Snake Meat

The flesh, skin, and bone of this animal; refer to the property of an opponent or enemy. If you have dreamed that you have eaten one of these or benefited in any way; It is a message that informs you that you will benefit from the properties and opportunities of your opponents or enemies in the near future.

According to Molla Cami; Whoever dreams that the meat of this animal is cooked or eaten raw, will be victorious over his enemy and will acquire his enemy’s property and he will find joy.

Being Swallowed by a Snake

According to Interpreter Nablusi; Whoever dreams of himself swallowed by this animal means that he will have a great promotion, statue, or wealth in the future.

Snake Coming Out of Your Body

If a person dream of a snake coming out of his mouth, nose, back, or genitals, means that this person will have a child; but if it is seen coming from any part of the body other than the parts listed above; It is a warning about the hostility of one of the family members to the dreamer.

A Snake Come Out of Your Mouth

If you saw a snake coming out of your mouth; This is a warning that you may get hurt by bad and unwarranted words you have said or will say soon. You must be very careful to whom, in which way, and what you will say. However, if you saw that it came out of your mouth and entered the ground; this dream means that you will die or face a very serious danger of death in the future.

Fear of the Snake

Being afraid of this animal in a dream; means that you will be safe from the damage that your opponents and enemies can inflict upon you, but this is an assurance provided by your caution. If you want to stay safe, you must always remain alert and cautious against your opponents and enemies.

Fighting with the Snake

If you have dreamed about fighting with this animal, it means that you have received a spiritual sign that you will be harmed by an enemy or opponent. However, if you have dreamed that you have killed or slaughtered the animal in this struggle, this is a heralding sign of defeating your enemy.

 Catching a Snake

The dream that you have about catching a snake; indicates that you will be safe from a situation that you are afraid of happening or from the damage that your enemies and opponents may cause you. Anyone who dreams that he is hunting this animal will gain something from his opponents and enemies by cheating. The interpreter Kirmani said: Whoever dreams that he has caught a white snake attains great rank.

Owning a Snake

If you have dreamed that you are the owner of a snake and you are not afraid of it at all, it is a message that you will be promoted soon. This promotion may be about work and career, or it may mean that your social position may rise. Whoever dreams that he has a large and long snake will achieve a great reign.

Burning a Snake

Whoever dreams of such a situation in his dream will be victorious over his enemy in the future.

Killing a Snake in Bed

If you have dreamed that you have killed a snake on your bed or pillow, this dream indicates that your spouse will die. The same dream can also be interpreted as you will divorce your spouse or break up with the person you are with in the future.

Killing a Small Snake

Interestingly, the famous dream interpreters Molla Cami and Nablusi both agree that a small snake means a small child. If a person has dreamed that he killed a small snake, it means that his little child will die in the future.

Definition by Location

Snake Dropping to the Ground

Dreaming of a snake falling somewhere foreshadows that the ruler of the place where it fell will die.

Snake on The Head

If you have dreamed that you are carrying a snake on your head in your dream; It means that you will have prestige at the government levels in the future.

Snake in the Neck

According to Interpreter Nablusi; The person who dreams that he has a snake on his neck and cuts it in a dream will divorce his spouse.

Snake on Collar or Arm

Whoever dreams of a small white snake, that he is not afraid of, on the collar or arm in the dream; will have a property that will be very useful for him in the future.

 Snakes Walking the Streets:

Dreaming of a place where snakes roam in its streets: it informs that war or conflict will occur in that place. However, the occupiers will win the war, not the inhabitants of that place.

Spiritual Dream Interpretations

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