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Djinns Under the Fig Tree

The real story of the fearful moments of youngster, peeing under a fig tree near the village mill, with djinns.

Under the Fig Tree

Real ExperienceScary Story – I live in a village in Zonguldak. My name is Dilaver. (A male name used in Turkey.) When I was a kid, the women in my village usually gathered in a house at night and told horror stories about djinns. Thus, they unnecessarily scare themselves. Since I was a kid, I used to go to these meetings with my mother, listen to the stories, and be influenced by them.

Our village is an old mountain village, which is neglected and secluded. The entire village is on a slope. There is no single flat road. There is no lighting in the streets either. But there is a mill at the entrance of the village. My mother and her friends used to go to the mill in the morning and make cornmeal until the evening. There were cherry laurel and fig trees around the mill.

One day, I went to the mill with my mother. The day had not dawned yet and it could be considered night. We put sacks of corn in the mill to grind and make flour. I had to pee, and the mill did not have any toilet. I had to pee under a fig tree. After I peed, I went back to the mill again.

Was that Shade I See a Djinn?

While I was working in the mill, my mother told me, “I will go to the house and come back soon. Do not go anywhere.” I don’t know if it’s psychological but once I was alone, I started to hear someone calling me by saying, “Hey! Heyy!”… I panicked when the door of the mill suddenly opened.

I got out of the mill to check whether there was someone outside. Once I got out, I think I saw someone under the fig tree. The light of the mill was not lighting that area much. Maybe this is because I believed the shade I saw was looking at me.

Suddenly I thought, “I hope that is not a djinn.” I shuddered with this thought.

I went back into the mill and closed the door. However, it opened again. I panicked when the door suddenly and harshly opened again. I didn’t know what to do… Instinctively I wanted to get out and run as fast as I could.

When I got out to do this, I saw dozens of shades around the mill and in front of me. I went back in, entered the mill, and sat down. I started to say prayers I remember while crying.

I lost myself with fear. During this time, my mother arrived and took me home. I bruised the arms of my mother with my nails. However, I didn’t even realize it.

When I returned to normal at home, my mother, father, and other members of my family asked me what happened and why I was so scared. I couldn’t tell what I saw to anyone. Just because I may feel the same fear again while telling it…

Djinns Will Haunt You If You Take Off This Vefk

In the following days, I wanted to forget the shades I have seen but my nightmares didn’t allow me to do so. In my nightmares, someone was constantly trying to strangle me. These dreams were so real that I usually woke up out of breath.

I had these nightmares every night when I went to bed without ablution. My family, who noticed that I lost mentally, took me to the imam of the village mosque. They told him about me. However, the imam didn’t see any problems in me. He told me that I’m okay and the problems I suffer could be psychological.

However, I was not crazy. My family thought “Mosque imams might not understand such things”, and they took me to another hodja. This hodja was experienced in djinn haunting and reversing spells

This hodja put a bowl of water in front of me when we went to meet him and he said, “Now look at this water carefully. If you see anything in the water, tell me what you see.” I swear, I saw the ones who strangled me… I told what I saw too hodja… I answered the questions of hodja…

In the end, the hodja gave me a vefk(?). He said, “You have to carry this vefk on you. Djinns cannot approach you as long as you carry this, and they cannot harm you. However, if you take it off or lose it, they will haunt you and they can even kill you.”

I have been wearing that vefk for years as a necklace. After that day, I had no problems with djinns. However, the problem is I lost that vefk a few days ago… I don’t know what to do…

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