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Demon Creek

Real ExperienceScary Story – Year: 1986. There were no electricity or road in the village. The villagers had to go to Elazig (a city of Turkey) to meet their needs. The road to the center was 2-3 km from the village. it was necessary to be on this road at 4:30 am to reach Elazıg.

There was only one car that goes to Elazıg. The car was coming back like noon. The road used to go to Elazıg was called “Cin Deresi” (Demon Creek) by the villagers and they thought that strange events were happening there and that it wasn’t auspicious.

We Hit the Road in the Dark

Me and two of my friends started preparing at 3:00 pm to hit the road. The road we had to cross that included the ‘’Demon Creek’’ to reach Elazıg was on our minds.

First, we planned to cross the ridgeway, then the ‘’Demon Creek’’ and enter the highway that leads to Elazıg. Afterwards, we hit the road. We lighted our cigarettes while being in a deep conservation.

It was utter darkness. There wasn’t even moonlight. We were slowly encouraging ourselves to cross the ‘’Demon Creek’’ and thinking about that moment.

I Recited Bismillah

We were getting close to the ‘’Demon Creek’’ but first we had to cross the ridgeway. The path was so narrow that two people could not walk side by side and it was filled with big bushes. We were moving in a single line.

I was the last one in the row. The first guy in the row named Kemal suddenly stopped and he mentioned that there was a black dog watched us without moving on the way. I thought to myself ‘’It’s one of our village dogs.’’

My friends were very nervous. We were getting more scared of the stories that we had heard since our childhood. I was scared and started reciting Bismillah (It’a Muslim pray).

The dog suddenly got out of the way and disappeared after moving a few meters away in the bushes.

It’s The Same Dog Again!

After the dog had disappeared, we thought to ourselves what the dog was doing there and continued to walk. After walking for one to two minutes Kemal suddenly stopped again and yelled ‘’It’s the same dog again Hasan’’ before moving a few steps back.

Three of us didn’t know what to do because of confusion and fear. The dog was looking at us again. I recited Bismillah again. The dog stood up and vanished again at the bushes. 

My friends said ‘’Hasan, let’s go back and don’t go there!’’ And I said ‘’We need to cross this road. If we don’t, we will have to tomorrow. We will use this road for shopping.’’ and calmed them down, then we continued to our path.

Black Goat

My friends were scared. Of course do I… We were talking about why did the dog appear at us again. I tried to calm them down by saying it’s just a common dog and following us.

We continued to our path. We couldn’t believe our eyes what we had seen after three-five minutes! A coal-black goat was standing on the road like blocking the way!

We were so scared. We started to pray and recite Bismillah. The goat suddenly disappeared.

What We Had Seen Was Indescribable

Disappearing of the goat made me comprehend that these events weren’t ordinary at all and we got scared seriously but going back was unnecessary.

I calmed my nerves and went to the first row of the line and I backed my friends. I was both praying and continuing our route.

It was only a sharp corner left for the ‘’Demon Creek.’’ We were shocked when we finished crossing the sharp corner! What we had seen was indescribable.

Scream Sounds Turned to Laughter

Long, white as snow, shining silhouette, shape, mass… Whatever, it was obvious that it had arms and legs but its face was ambiguous and so it started to create sounds of rumblescream, crying…

We closed our ears with our hands. We were throwing ourselves out of fear and flapping on the ground. In the same time, there was blindly shining…

I started to recite my known-prayers. My friends were yelling, cursing and they didn’t know what they were doing. I was thinking about how to escape this situation and staying calm.

I dragged my friends out of that incident. The screaming voices turned into laughter while we were escaping from there. The laughter echoed in our minds.

They Told us to Thank for Our Salvation

We head back to the village but we didn’t know how we could come back. At the entrance of the village, there was the house of Kemal. When Kemal’s parents saw us, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

They said ‘’What’s the matter with you?! You have paleness in your face!’’ We couldn’t speak, trembling continuously, make noises like dummies.

They informed our relatives. They also came here. They tried to grasp with the mind the situation. I rest for a while and drank some water and told them the story.

The villagers were stunned. They told us to thank God that you could come in one piece. We thought that we saved ourselves but from sunrise to sunset, for 40 days, we had heavy headaches, skin rash, huge herpes in our lips.

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