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4 Rules Must be Known Before Making Spiritual Dream Interpretations

How to interpret a dream?” “What are the rules that must be known before interpreting a dream?” We are answering all the questions above in our article. 

Before reading the article, the following points should be understood correctly:

Although the dream interpretations we mentioned in the article are based on ancient wisdom thousands of years old, they are not absolute truths. These are rough sketches. Detailed interpretation needs in-depth knowledge about the dream, the person who has the dream, and the conditions while having the dream.

1 – Dream Interpretations are Personal

Objects and situations in the dreams are basically symbolic, even though they were seen as realistic and physical. Since these symbols are personal, there are psychological, cultural, physical, etc. factors that affect one’s perceptions. Therefore, it must be interpreted individually by considering these factors

For example, wearing a yellow dress is generally interpreted as the dreamer will get sick if the dreamer is from a Middle Eastern culture. This is because the yellow represents disease in this culture and people’s perceptions, characteristics, and psychology cannot be developed independently of the cultures in which they are from.

However, there are also cultures that accept yellow as a symbol of happiness. If the dreamer is from one of these cultures; the dream does not refer that he will get sick, but the person will experience happiness soon.

Dreams often give divine messages. Even if the messages are allusive and figurative; they want to be understood by their acceptor. For this reason, even if they are encrypted, the solutions of the passwords are in the acceptors. This is one of the basic concepts of spiritual dream interpretation.

2- How Dreams are Interpreted, It Comes True

How dreams are interpreted, it comes true.” is a rule widely known among people all over the world. Although that’s true, there are some rules. We cannot simply interpret a dream as the situation we want. The dream interpretation is like a delicate legal contract in this respect. If we don’t want to follow the rules, we can only find a way out by using connotations.

If we give example again about the yellow color sample that refers to the disease; we can interpret the yellow as happiness, not disease. Therefore, we tell the person whose dream we interpret “You will experience happy and energetic days in the near future.” instead of “You will get sick in the coming days.”

There is a scientific reason for this: after a dream is interpreted, it becomes a “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy”. It is not necessary to make a scientific explanation of this concept, but you can find a lot of resources on this subject on the net.

3- The Good Intention Rule

For the reasons we have explained above, we should have good intentions while interpreting dreams. Also, we should find a way to interpret the dream positively even if the meaning of the dream is negative. If we require someone else to interpret our dream, we should be sure that the person has knowledge about interpreting a dream, as well as the person, who has good intentions for us. Because interpreting a dream means giving shape to destiny.

Do not forget! Dreams come true not because they are having, but because they are interpreted. Interpreting a dream makes them real.

4- Canceling and Rejecting Dreams

Someone who starts to interpret dreams should know “not to interpret dreams” as well as interpreting dreams. All dreams should not be interpreted. We have already explained some of the reasons in the article. Sometimes dreams contain bad omens. We must prevent them from being real, we must face them with silence and forgetfulness.

Prophet of Islam Hz. Muhammad says: “The Muslim’s dreams are a portion of the forty-six portions of Prophet-hood. And it is (as if it is) on the leg of a bird, as long as it is not spoken of. But when it is spoken of it falls.” (Tirmidhi, Dream 6, h. no: 2279, 2280; Ebu Davud, Edeb 96, h. no: 5020)

Whether you are Muslim or not; the word is correct, and it will be useful for you to take benefit of this concept. In some cultures, there are traditions to cancel the meaning of the dream.

For example, after having a frightening dream, the person spits on his left side or pretends to spit without getting out of bed. It is not about the traditions and the forms of the application. The main idea is to turn negativity into positivity. 

When you have a bad dream, you should apply such traditions if you have your own culture, otherwise, you should develop your own personal traditions. In summary, dream interpretations both on this site and on other websites are options. Read all of them carefully and choose the best one for you. 

Have a nice sleep and dreams!

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