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20 Most-Known Djinn Species and Breeds

It is believed that, just like humans, djinns and demons also have tribes, races, and species. Here are the most-known 20 djinn species and tribes…

The existence of djinns is still not accepted by those who are interested in positive sciences. However, here are some information claimed to be found out about the species, races, and tribes of djinns by those who accept such topics as a “science” and take it as their duty to work on these topics.

Amir Djinns

Unlike most djinns, these djinns are not found in secluded and natural places such as mountains, forests, and lakes, but in places where humans live. These djinns generally do not have any Islamic belief and due to excessive religious bigotry, it is believed that they especially haunt Muslim people.

Ammar Djinns

This species of djinns generally live in houses. These djinns take a seat at the table when the family has meals together with alcohol or in meals that do not start with a prayer. Depending on the house, they rarely move. In general, they live close to humans, and they do not get involved in anything. However, due to their nature, they do not like humans. Unless you do not disturb or hurt them, they will not let their presence known to humans.

Although they can be summoned with djinn summoning rituals, those who summon them usually experience bad events since these djinns love to lie. Most of them do not get involved in people’s private lives and they participate in events and meals, in which God’s name is not mentioned. Some of them also play with kids, disturb the household by making noises, clatters, and rustles at night and try to own the house for themselves.

Some people tell them noisy spirits and believed that the spirits of the dead still lived there with the name of the poltergeist.

Betr Djinns

20 Most-Known Djinn Species and Breeds
20 Most-Known Djinn Species and Breeds

These djinns try to make people mad. Mad people can do anything, see red, and cannot control what comes out of their mouths. Things they say can break the hearts of others so that these djinns can ruin relationships. Thus, djinns enjoy this and make their wishes come true.

Dasim Djinns

The food demon. It exists in what we eat and drink. They steal from the meals, which are started without Basmalah [1]Basmalah: A short prayer that Muslims say before starting anything to commemorate the name of God. and they contaminate the food by vomiting on them. The purpose of this demon is to steal from the foods you eat, make you waste them, and psychologically destroy the person who is in the loss. It forces people to think that one who has no material has no spirituality and disturbs the relationship with the person and the creator by preventing him from worshipping.


Although demon is also used as the devil, there is no specific name for this race. This is mainly because demons reveal themselves to humans as a god. This belief is the dominant belief in many belief trends such as spiritualism, satanism, etc. Demons can be easily summoned, and they are quite kind, but they can easily turn on you when you go against their wishes.

Their biggest power is the power of persuasion. If they want, they can trick the person with images and sounds. They never become servants to humans.

Ebyaz Djinns

These are the djinns that haunt the prophets and saints. They cannot do anything to the prophets because they are specially protected by God. However, Ebyaz djinns tried to cause discomfort and confusion in the minds of people by participating in the assemblies of religious scholars. Most of the time they were successful and dissolved the assemblies.

Ervah Djinns

Ervah djinns are the djinns that haunt the children who are in the fetus or who have not entered puberty yet to affect them spiritually and physically in a negative way. The djinns, who haunt the women that do not have children (although the doctors cannot find any medical reason for not having children) also belong to this species and they cause the aforementioned infertility condition.

They enter the mother’s womb and choke the fetus or lead to miscarrying in the following days. If there is not any physiological reason, it is quite easy to get rid of this problem with the permission of God.

Gul Djinns

Gûl is a common motif in the entire Middle East. It describes the wild and ruthless spirits and their evilness. In general, they live as nomads in a certain region, and they cause weird problems in the areas they pass (such as raining stones, or constant howling in a certain region). Gul djinns often show themselves as terrible creatures but if a gul tribe lives in an area, there will be extreme abundance in that area. However, they often dry out everything in places they pass.

In general, they are the djinns that look like witches in the legends about “Ghouls”. They scare people by transforming them into scary beings and trying to get what they want. Sometimes, they also look like giants.

Hanzep Demon

These are the demons that prevent people from worshipping in any way. In general, they are quite successful in what they do. They prevent people from realizing their good deeds. Hanzep demon enjoys watching people committing sins. All kinds of evil feelings and ideas that come to our minds are due to these demons.


Afarid is actually a plural world. It is believed that they are directly descended from Satan, and they can be quite effective both physically and beyond. It is also said that they can be summoned with rituals, but this event will not end well for the summoner. In general, summoning them results in death but while you are trying to enslave them, they can enslave you.

They are abstract beings and one of the strongest species of djinns. Afarid can control the human body and start a war to invade the body. In general, they make the host person insane and make them miserable. Their biggest goal is sex. They have sexual intercourse with the body they capture which leads to adultery in children. They share the spouse of the person who sleeps without basmalah and ruins their relationship.

Afarid is the most dangerous djinns. They can lead to deadly consequences. They can make the person sick and even kill him. However, this is forbidden for them (Some tribes do not obey to prohibition). Afarid envies religious scholars and it is known that ancient scholars used to carry prayers and symbols on themselves to protect themselves from them.

Afarid lives in the interior and depths of the forests. It is said that no wild animals or birds can live in the areas they live in. They never leave their areas to visit the areas where people live. They cannot shapeshift and there is no known haunting in recent history.

Lietli Djinns

Lietli djinns took their name from Lilith. These djinns are highly smart, and they lead to extraordinary problems. In general, they live in valleys and high places. They haunt people by showing themselves as a beautiful person and tricking them. They cause extreme ignorance and laziness. The person acts as if he cut his connection with the world when these djinns are around.

Marid Djinns

Marids are generally one of the noblest and most dangerous djinn species. They do not care about Satan or God. They live as atheists. As they do not like to interact with people, it is highly possible that summoning them will result in death. These extremely dangerous djinns never respond to the summoning rituals. However, they can show themselves to people who are highly intelligent and have knowledge and wisdom.

They live in forests and swamps. They can shapeshift into wild animals and people. They never leave their own place to visit the places where humans live. Marid is a controlling djinn, they manipulate all demons, and they are very majestic and dangerous. If they attack a person, they will try to seize the soul of the person. Most of the time, they become successful and force the people to commit great sins in the presence of God.

Metun / Mesit Demon

Metun or in other words Mesit demons are interested in what people hear. They try to prevent goodwill events by letting people misperceive or forget what is said. They will be very pleased when forgotten or misunderstood information results in getting in trouble.

Musabbar Djinn Tribe

Musabbar djinns generally live in caves. They prefer steep and rocky areas. They are about 90 centimeters tall on average. Although they are not demons, it can be said that this djinn species does not like people too. Therefore, they prefer to live in remote and mountainous areas that people rarely visit. They feed on minerals and algae in the soil. They are experts at grabbing and running away. They move fast and collectively. If they are going to haunt another species, they will never do this alone. They do not have the concept of one-on-one. They attack altogether. They have great family ties, and they never break their bonds.

Musfer/Musferis Djinns

Musferis is a plural name, and this djinn species is generally like in rural areas such as fields and fig trees. They are 140 centimeters long and they are often good-tempered. They can shapeshift very quickly and stay in that form for a long time. These djinns, which people can only hear their sounds, often call people by using animal and human sounds. So that you can hear people talking in front of your door at a night or hear the sounds of animals.

You can keep hearing their sounds even when you cannot see them when you look. They do not feel discomfort from people, and they do not hurt people unless something extraordinary is happening. It will be better for you to say Basmalah when you get closer to the fig trees.


In fact, Satan is one djinn. Although some people believe he is a djinn species or tribe, he is not. Just like how djinns let us see themselves depending on their preferences, Satan can be visible to both humans and djinns according to his wish.

Velhan Demon

Velhan is a popular material that we use in different forms in our daily lives such as water, fire, oil, cloth, thread, etc. They hurt people both materially and spiritually with various tricks.

Vesnan (Sleep Demon)

Vesnan is the sleep demon. When people fall asleep, these demons take them into captivity and force them to commit sins. They intervene in their dreams and try to confuse the people. Many people made mistakes as a result of the bad dreams they saw in their sleep. We will be toys to these demons if we sleep without saying prayers and protecting ourselves.

Zellenbur Demon

Zellenbur demon is usually interested in tradesmen and traders. They force people to trade with bad goods. This is because he forces the traders to cheat so that people can disturb their affairs and get hurt spiritually.

Zulman Djinns

Zulman djinns live in deserts, known to be tall and bulky and they are few. According to the experienced and told events, they are extremely dangerous. They are also called desert djinns or desert zulmans due to where they live.

Arabs used to hang Qur-an to the necks of the camels in the caravans to avoid encountering Zulmans while they are going to Yemen to do business. This is to protect themselves and their camels from the evil of the Zulmans. According to the rumors, Zulmans visit the caravans at night and make the camels run away. They even make some camels sick or slaughter them.

It is believed that in the past the disappearance of many trade caravans traveling between Mecca and Yemen and never heard from them again are due to Zulman djinns. Even today, it is said that the Bedouins living close to deserts do not live around the water wells.

According to rumors, Zulmans are a cursed djinn group because they did not obey the Prophet Solomon. It is recorded that they visit homes out of deserts and with talismans, amulets, and valuables to steal them and bury them in wells or cemeteries.

Paranormal Information

Paranormal Haber


1 Basmalah: A short prayer that Muslims say before starting anything to commemorate the name of God.

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