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Vatican’s Intelligence Demons

The title of the article was “L’exorcism and Demonism!” In his article, he claimed that the Vatican hired demons to use in intelligence activities …

Vatican’s Intelligence Demons

Author Abdurrahman Dilipak(İn Turkey) wrote an very interesting article in the “Yeni Akit” newspaper. The title of the article was “L’exorcism and Demonism!” In his article, he claimed that the Vatican hired demons to use in intelligence activities …

Dilipak, in his article, said: What are these L’exorcism or Demonism and where did they come from? If you are wondering; L’exorcism means “demon expulsion”, Demonism means “Satanism”, “struggle with Satan” .. These are two important science divisions in Vatican theology.

The Vatican has laws and regulations on these two issues. These rules apply to all Catholic churches. These rules are binding for the Vatican’s diplomatic missions

Yes, yes, the churches are doing demon expulsion! Exiled demons are being tried, punished, imprisoned, or go into the administration of the church. So they deal with the devils and hire them. They employ demons to collect intelligence. They use some demons to haunt people chosen by the Vatican.

The Esoteric War Does Not Just Cover The Demons !

Abdurrahman Dilipak also claimed that Fethullah Gulen’s disciples were gathering intelligence with the help of demons. And his claims continued:

“There is an esoteric war. The Mahdi, the Messiah, is waiting for instruction. There are scientists and gene engineers working in the laboratories to produce Gog and Magog. According to some allegations the Solomon prophet’s ark of covenant opened.

The Messiah and the Mahdi have already arrived. But you do not know.


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